⚔️ Bard Sabre: the Virtual Reality game for sharp minds ⚔️

Bard Sabre is a rhythm VR game which makes it fun to memorise Shakespeare.


This game wants to make you smarter! Developing your memory is scientifically proven to boost brain function. What better than to memorise the greatest writing in the English language?


Bard Sabre is a fun way to sharpen your language skills and learn about Shakespeare. Get ready for a time-travelling twist on fighting games!


This is a short demo. The full version will include more enemies, more challenges, and more Shakespeare. Plus an online leaderboard to rank the world’s greatest Shakespearean memory champions.


“This is the type of game I have been imagining since the first time I tried VR. So much fun and different than anything out there. Quirky and silly and well made, I am OBSESSED!!”


“I’m a real sucker when it comes to rhythm games, and in #VR it’s twice as fun. Check out this rhythm game on #Meta Quest. You even get to learn Shakespeare while you play! It truly is a unique experience for gamers. Looking forward to the development of this title!”




😑Bored in the car or public transport?

🥳You can now memorise Shakespeare for FREE with music from Bard Sabre 🔊 👇👇

Post video of you rapping along to Shakespeare, use the hashtag #BardSabre. We want to see the strange looks you get 🤣

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